Evans Auditorium

Directions from IH 35 to Evans Auditorium

  • Take exit 206-Aquarena Springs Drive/Loop 82
    • if exiting IH 35 from the south / San Antonio, turn left onto Aquarena Springs Drive
    • if exiting IH 35 from the north / Austin, turn right onto Aquarena Springs Drive
  • Proceed on Aquarena Springs Drive ~1.5 miles to Sessom Drive
    • you will cross over railroad tracks
    • pass Bobcat Stadium
    • and cross over the San Marcos River
    • Sessom Drive is located immediately past the San Marcos River
  • Turn Right onto Sessom Drive and proceed (up the hill) to N LBJ Drive
  • Trun left onto N LBJ Drive
    • Proceed one block and turn left to access the Pleasant Street Garage (you may use the garage while in Evans Auditorium)
    • All vehicles parked in the Pleasant Street Garage Monday through Friday are required to display a valid Texas State permit or a one-day temporary permit which may be obtained at the pay stations located on the first and third floors of the Pleasant Street Garage
  • After parking, walk to the end of N LBJ Drive and onto the Texas State Campus Quad. The Evans Liberal Arts building is across the Quad on the right.